About Us


Professional Career

– In 1998, I was certified as a virgin island police canine handler, under retired Corporal Joseph Glasford; of the Virgin Islands police department with canine officer Marco. Canine Officer Marco retired after serving his community, and the Virgin Islands police department in the spring of 1999 due to his age.

– In the summer of 1999, I was partnered up with Canine Officer Benno; and was certified by Andrea Appotelia in narcotic detection and patrol. Canine Officer Benno served his community with great dedication up-until he was retired due to his age in 2001.

– On September 28th, 2001, I attended Top Dog’s police k9 Academy in Evansville, Indiana; instructed by Capt. John Haller who is a (USPCA) Nationally Certified Trainer. Where I was partnered up with Canine Officer Zeus. Where we both completed training for police patrol & narcotic detection. Canine Officer Zeus and I had a very long career together until he was retired due to age in 2009.

–  October of 2009, I attended the North State K9 Academy of Tarheel Canine Training Inc., in Sanford North Carolina and was trained to become a Certified Instructor/Master Trainer. At the same time, I was partnered up with Canine Officer Ingor and was certified for patrol, narcotics detection, man-trailing, and obedience by the well-known canine trainer and author Jerry Bradshaw and his instructors Kyli Howe & Jeff Riccio & Matt Weikum. I am trained and certified under Tarheel Canine Training to current; with Canine Officer Ingor.

About me

He is a Founder in straddled the worlds of science and magic just as tIt has been a dream of mine to start a successful dog training business in my hometown of St. Thomas USVI. From the time I became a canine handler for The US Virgin Islands Police Force; and was given my first partner,  my passion, and love for training and working with dogs allowed my God given gift to show. The bond and communication I have with every animal I touch gives me so much joy. That I wanted to spread that feeling to all the canine owners that want to be able to get closer, and communicate with their canines and enjoy the company of them as I do. Being able to communicate and bond with one’s canine is the most amazing feeling. Every time I have helped an owner communicate with their four legged family member; I see the joy and happiness that comes across their face. Seeing this just inspires me to keep going and spreading the gift of communicating with one of God’s perfect creations. I became a master trainer at Tarheel canine training in Sanford North Carolina; owned by a renowned trainer and author Jerry Bradshaw and his staff. I was trained in pet obedience and controlled aggression; with resources for understanding the fundamentals in canine protection training; and for canine sport (PSA).

Once achieving this goal of becoming a master trainer; I saw that there are so many ways and techniques that can break any barrier that an owner may have regarding problems with bonding, and enjoy their canine family member. Like a doctor I am always keeping up with all the new and latest training tools and methods; because like a human no two canines are alike. Being able to find the key that can solve an owners problem is very important; so that they can enjoy their canines company and not see them as a problem or work.